our approach to wedding photography

Wedding photography is simple.  It is all about the experience.  Photography shouldn't be painful, it shouldn't be time consuming, it doesn't need to put you in awkward poses or positions - and it doesn't need to be expensive.  

Portraits are about the subject and should tell the story of the subject(s).  Whether it be a stranger viewing the image or your closest family member - the image should tell a story about you!

We approach your wedding day or photography session in a relaxed yet methodical manner.  We strive to make it efficient, enjoyable and fun.  It is not about egos, branding of our studio, agendas, etc.  It is about you!

Letting us be a part of your day is all about you getting to enjoy your day and the experience… Not just about us getting some great shot we have always wanted to try; because it isn't about us - again, it is all about YOU!  Take a look at our images - one common thing you will see is our clients having fun with their photos!